Cell phone or bees

Why LucSculpture ban cell phone

LucSculpture took the brave, radical, and controversial decision
to ban cell phone or any wireless device.
That includes blackberries, no inbox checking, nor text message or i-phone.

The industry with their scientists crews and mass media such

as TV, Radio, newspapersand most of the web

are playing fool with us on a lot of matter
that implement dangerous concequences on Mother Earth
and our own heath
to defend their company that only care about profit.

Congressional report on the matter:

www.emrpolicy.org • Congressional Staff Briefing • (Fragments)

Here is some information off the mass media stream

If you dig a bit you are quickly going to find out
that different frequency waves (EMF) can kill living being on Earth including us

If you plan to explore your right side of the brain
(including your telepathic capacity) at LucSculpture
or simply embracing the increasing magnetic field of the Earth

please use our land line: 416 461 7936.

Thanks you