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On Tuesdays 6 pm to 9 pm

"Date:Instructor: Aitak Sorahitalab
  • Fall 1 session: September 19 to October 24, 2017
  • Fall 1 session: November 7 to December 12
  • Winter session: January 23 to February 27, 2018
  • Spring session: March 20 to April 24
  • Summer session: May 8 to June 12
Fee: $300 for 6 weeks Our price includes clay, double firing and glazing, not HstClasses is limited to 5 participants (one per wheel)

Call 416-461-7936 or Click here for registration (recommended)
These courses provide a hands-on activity on the pottery wheel and and taste of sculpting and ceramic art. It offers from beginner to advanced level in a safe, environment-friendly and equipped studio. Depends on level and interests of participants, the course includes:
-Working on a wheel and/or combined techniques through hand-building and wheel throwing;
-Infinite world of hand building:Three-dimensional construction techniques such as pinching, coiling, slab construction;
-Understanding forms and surface:Making functional and/or sculptural pieces by Bauhaus principle of design ideas;
-Geometric modelling techniques:Working from the ground up to create a final piece upon shapes;
-Sculpture lessons inspired by world art history;
-Introduction of creating a ceramic wall art;
-Glaze and/or patina (extra fee each piece)

aitak-pictureBio: Aitak is an award winning visual artist, art instructor, and research with more than 15 years’ experience. Holding BA and MA from the Art University of Tehran, she had held several exhibitions and was commissioned to create public art installations all around Iran. In the meantime, she worked as an officer of Art and Creation Department, and International Affair assistant at KANOON; lecturer at University of Applied Science Technology; and Art Manager at Airsa NGO, worked with UNICEF, UNODC and UNAIDS. Since immigrating to Canada, she has had some exhibitions, continued research and teaching while maintaining her artistic production in a professional guild studio. She won 6 art grants and awards in Canada, and have curated two exhibitions in Toronto. Aitak is teaching in diverse schools and art classes and working with the community.