Drawing Classes

September 2014 June 2015

Drawing for Terrified Beginners (Sept-June)

Instructor: Kathryn Chelin
Tuesday 10 am to noon
Thursday 6:30 to 9 pm

Realistic Drawing  (April to May)

Instructor: Moojan Nazmi
Monday morning 10 am to 12 pm 

Portrait curriculum: 5 levels (Sept to June)

Instructor: Gary Smith 
Tuesday evening 6:30 to 9:30 pm for 7 weeks
Level 1 “Anatomy” (Sept to Oct) Drawing
Level 2 “Draw like masters”(Nov to Dec) Drawing
Level 3 : Soft Pastel(Jan to Mar) Drawing and painting
Level 4 :  Sensitivity to VALUE ~ GRISAILLE  (Mar to Apr) Oil
Level 5 :  Portaiture ALLA PRIMA  (May to June) Oi