Top level only


Thursday: 4:00 to 5:30 (8 to 13 yrs)


Instructors: Tumaini Lyaruu & Chason Yeboah

Winter session: January 19 to March 9
Fee: $205 for 8 weeks

Spring session: April 6 to May 4
Fee: $135 for 5 weeks 

Summer session: May 11 to June 22
Fee: $185 for 7 weeks

Drop in welcome is availability at $30 a session

Space limited to 8 kids from age 8 to 13

Call  416-461-7936  or Click here for registration

For more information on where to get supplies or with questions please contact us at:

Crochet is also available for school field trip

Kids Crochet:
Children can crochet too! Starting with the basic foundations of crochet, together we learn how to make bow ties and head bands. We will provide the supplies and starting techniques to gain an understanding of basic stitches to get started on the journey of creating their very own crochet project. 

kids-crochet-tooWho are we?
Chason Yeboah and Tumaini Lyaruu are self and community taught crochet artists living, learning, loving and creating in Toronto. Together we created Acts of Kindness (AoK!) to use our crochet abilities for good instead of evil! What started out as us coordinating yarn bombs and giving out little crochet hearts to people who have been kind, became an arts education project where we started to going around the city hosting crochet picnics (workshops), largely in community/school based settings, sharing the skill of crochet with children, youth and adults.

Part of our arts education practice is to guide people through the process of learning how to crochet, which is rarely neutral. It holds a lot of people’s anxieties, frustrations, aspirations and emotions. While our role is to provide guidance on gaining a technical skill, it also involves intentionally facilitating room for people to engage, and make meaning of the skill and process as best suits their needs. We also really like for our crochet picnics to be a fun get together to connect with others.