Small Sprouts Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Age: 7-12

Wednesdays, 4:00 – 5:30 pm starting from Jan. 17 goes until Mar.6

Mom was right, sprouts are good! In this class kids seven to twelve will cultivate strength and flexibility in body and mind, and further self-awareness through Tai Chi and Chi Kung movement, creative thinking, relaxation and visualization techniques, stretching, strength, and storytelling. These eastern body, mind, spirit disciplines are based on intrinsic energy cultivation and the balance of that vital energy in our system, it’s role in our health and it’s use in  self-defense situation. Serve regularly for improved co-ordination, posture, balance, awareness, focus, and get healthy! And listen to your mother.

Every student is expected to complete a basic waiver form for participation in the course.

Instructor: Jacqueline Kortright

Jacqueline has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for a decade with her teacher, Sensei Dixon of the Beaches Classical Martial Arts Centre. She currently offers classes with Arising Women as one of the Centre’s programs for women in crisis and community health, and with LucSculpture School and Studios for creative spirit. Through these, and other studios, she’s enjoyed the opportunity to work extensively with kids of all ages in many different capacities, through on going classes or privately, through seminars or camps, or visiting school groups.

Cost: $140 for 8-week sessions or $25 for drop-in

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If you have your own, bring a mat. There are spare mats at the studio for those that need them.