Traditional Chinese Painting

Fluid and dynamic…experience traditional Chinese painting guided by internationally known artist, De Li.


Traditional Chinese painting is one of the oldest technique of paintings in the world. Both the abstract and representational painting of nature are brought to life using Chinese traditional color inks. The premise of the course is to give you an opportunity to learn and develop the skills of traditional Chinese painting. The course will focus on ways of expressing everyday subjects such as flowers and animals by using patterns and decorative ink works.

No experience needed and the course is for any ages. Courses can be offered both in English and Chinese.

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Instructor: De Li

Her website:
2008 Master of Ceramic Art University of Wolverhampton, UK
1988 Bachelor of Ceramic Art and Industrial Design Tsinghua University, China

-Teach Traditional Chinese Painting, Ceramic Art, and Drawing at Luc Sculpture School and Studios
-Teach at Chinese Youth Centre, Toronto (students between 4 to15 years old)
-2010 teacher assistant for volunteering at William Burgess School, East York Toronto
-2008-2009 Volunteer at Wuzhou Special School for the Learning Disable, Wuzhou, China
-2006-2009 taught Art History, Painting, Interior Design, Direct and Indirect methods of Mosaic at the University of Wuzhou, China
-1995-1998 taught at the Shenzhen Yuanping Special Education School for the Autistic and Learning Disable, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
-1988-1995 taught Traditional Chinese Painting, Watercolor, Drawing, and Ceramic Art at the University of Hunan, China

Toronto, UK,  Banff BC,  Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Wuzhou, Guangxi in China