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New Acrylic mediums

Acrylics: An Exposé of Acrylic Mediums, Methods & the Artistic Voice

Instructor: Victoria Wallace20160804_182707

Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm

Dates TBA

Fee: $ 95

All material of these classes are included with the fee

Discover the techniques of professional acrylic artists and broaden your unique artistic voice through experimentation and discovery with the vast array of acrylic paints and mediums available today. This hands-on monthly primer course is designed to familiarize the artist with the incredibly diverse artistic applications of acrylic paints and mediums, making the creative process second nature. You will work with mixed media and acrylic skins, transparencies, glazes & washes, dry media ground, the use of stencils, incising, immediate transfer onto rigid substrates, 21st century grisaille, interference acrylics and discover how to utilize textured acrylic mediums. Instruction is suitable for beginner to professional artists.

Workshop 1 (on Sept.16 & Oct.7)

  • Part 1: Acrylic Polymer & Mediums
  • The Ground (Theme: transparent colour as a base for your paintings; mixing grounds, acrylic abstraction and text).

Workshop 2 (on Nov.26)

    • Part 2: Dry Media Ground –
    • The Alchemy of Mixed Media on your Transparent Acrylic Grounds (Theme: understanding the diversity dry media ground can bring to the artist’s arsenal)


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To hold your seat in the class,
please pay 50% deposit in advance and the remaining 50% on Jan 19/10 (first class)

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