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Drawing for the Terrified Beginners

Drawing for Terrified Beginner If you write or print you can draw and paint. Talent may speed up the process. However, drawing is a learned skill that anyone can achieve with direction and practice. Learning to draw and paint can be the gateway to self-expression and appreciation of the world at large. The course will cover basic skills such as sketching, perspective shading, color mixing, and composition. The focus is to build perception and hand-eye coordination, We will begin working with dry media (graphite, conté, and pastel)and gradually move into watercolor and acrylic. It’s time to and rebuild your artistic skills and creative confidence!

2018-2019 Schedule:

Class 1: On Tuesday morning 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (2.0 hours)

  • Fall 1 session: September 18 to October 30 (Full)Drawing for the Terrified Beginners
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks
  • Fall 2 session: November 6 to December 11
    Fee: $195 for 6 weeks
  • Winter session: January 15 to March 5
    Fee: $255 for 8 weeks
  • Spring session: March 19 to April 30 
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks 
  • Summer session: May 7 to June 18  
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks 

Class 2: On Thursday evening 6:30 to 9:00 pm (2.5 hours)

  • Fall 1 session: September 20 to November 1IMG_0898
    Fee: $275 for 7 weeks
  • Fall 2 session: November 8 to December 13
    Fee: $235 for 6 weeks
  • Winter session: January 17 to March 7
    Fee: $310 for 8 weeks
  • Spring session: March 21 to May 2 
    Fee: $275 for 7 weeks 
  • Summer session: May 9 to June 20  
    Fee: $275 for 7 weeks 

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This class is limited to 8 participants

KathrynChelin_webBio Kathy Chelin

Kathy has a wealth of experience teaching art to all age groups. For the past 25 years, she has taught enriched classes in Drawing, Painting, Illustration and Sculpture at Unionville High School, the designated School for the Arts in York Region. In addition to her courses at Lucsculpture, she presently teaches studio classes throughout the city at the Artbarn, the Varley Gallery, the Prosserman JCC and occasionally at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education