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Drawing exploration

Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 to 3:00 pmIMG_1573

Instructor: Lauren McKinley Renzetti

Fee: $315 (includes taxes) for 8 weeks

Materials $20-30 a list will be sent once registered. Bring your own materials each week.

Maximum participants is 8

Fall session:  October 11 to November 29

Winter session: January 17 to March 7, 2017

Spring Session 2017: April 11 to May 30

Whether you are taking the first step to becoming a drawer or been drawing for years, this course offers a chance to explore different drawing mediums in a nurturing safe environment. Each week different media will be explored from simple graphite pencils, pencil crayons, markers to India ink with nibs, oil and chalk pastel to  more unconventional items like coffee grounds, tea bags and graphite powder. All that is needed is a sketchbook, some loose paper  and drawing tools  from around your house.  Lauren will provide interesting forays into using wet mediums, printmaking methods and collage to enhance your images.  Drawings will come from direct observation as well as your imagination.  Subject matter will include; still life, botanical, architectural renderings , perspective, portraiture and landscape. Depending on the weather some drawings will happen plein air.

Limited to 9 participants

To register click here or contact Lauren directly at
Lauren McKinley RenzettiInstructor: Lauren McKinley Renzetti is a mixed media artist, specializing in abstraction of the world around her through printmaking,  collage and acrylic paint. She received a combined Honours Art and Theatre degree from McMaster University in 1995. Lauren has been teaching art for over twenty years with all ages. She has worked at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ryerson University, Art Works Art School and been the Artist-in-Residence at Unicamp of Ontario. She currently teaches at the AGO, Art For Cancer and is the curator of Neighbourhood Galleries in the Beaches.  Lauren shows her work widely and takes part in many group and solo shows in Southern Ontario, Brooklyn and Bulgaria.