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Abstraction Exploration Workshops

On Thursday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Instructor Lauren Renzetti

April 12, 19, 26, May 3 & 10

 5 weeks for 160$ or drop in at 35$ each

Each week we will be looking at specific techniques and how they can be applied ,as a stand alone technique , or in conjunction with the previous weeks class in an accumulative way. You can come to all 5 weeks or  just individual weeks. Please register with Lauren via email

  1. Bubble Painting for great backgrounds To Bring: approximate 8” x 11”  low baking pan , fluid paint or ink if you have it, card stock paper . I will supply: soap, glycerin, ink, straws, some paper and the how to
  2. Glazing with Xerox Collage and tissue paper accumulation like stained glass

            To Bring: laser photocopies in black and white, brushes, matte or gloss medium, acrylic paint , surface.

I will supply: tissue paper, matte medium and how to

  1. Plexiglass Monoprints and Transfers on top of glazing and on top of bubbles To bring: week 1 and 2 surface, or new surfaces and acrylic painting, stiff flat  brushes, palette knife. I will supply: plexiglass, rollers, combs,  and ink along with some surfaces and how to
  2. Textured crackle mediums, exploration in sgraffito; To Bring: Crackle medium, acrylic paint, palette knife, brushes, surfaces. I will bring: some crackle mediums, white glue , heat gun and how to . Kroma is the best from aboveground.
  3. Mindful Meditative Dot painting on top of others , To bring:  a surface, brushes, palette with wells and an idea, I will bring : paint, sticks  and how to .

Abstract Exploration by Lauren Rrenzetti f

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In this supportive, introductory acrylic painting course we will investigate and create abstract works based on many different painting techniques, artisits and styles. Learn a  variety of techniques including: graduated blend, scumble, sgraffito, smaffito, masking off,hard edge, stipple, impasto, dripping, and high relief build up with inclusion painting using modeling paste. Using the principals of design, colour theory, composition and exercises on how to develop abstract ideas,  you will develop your own style and body of work. This course is suitable for a beginner to advanced student
Lauren McKinley RenzettiInstructor:Lauren McKinley Renzetti is a mixed media artist, specializing in abstraction of the world around her through printmaking,  collage and acrylic paint. She received a combined Honours Art and Theatre degree from McMaster University in 1995. Lauren has been teaching art for over twenty years with all ages. She has worked at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ryerson University, Art Works Art School and been the Artist-in-Residence at Unicamp of Ontario. She currently teaches at the AGO, Art For Cancer and is the curator of Neighbourhood Galleries in the Beaches.  Lauren shows her work widely and takes part in many group and solo shows in Southern Ontario, Brooklyn and Bulgaria.