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Shadow Mask Workshops

For Adults  on Saturday January 20 from 1 to 6 pm 

and on Sunday January 21 from 1 to 4 pm 

Instructor: Pamela Schuller

Fee $150  (materials included)

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Maximum 6 attendees

What is a Shadow Mask
The creation of the shadow mask is about revealing hidden and denied aspects of your self through the mask making. These hidden parts can range in expression from sorrow to anger, weakness to strength, joy to depression and all shades in between.
The basic concept is built upon Jungian concept of the shadow present in all of us. In owning our shadow self, we discover healthier avenues for negotiating conflict, new dimensions of compassion, and greater understanding of our deep interconnectedness.
We can’t change anything we don’t know about. And we certainly can’t change other people. So we learn to be aware of our total self, the dark and the light and then at the same time choose to make more conscious choices about our own behaviour.
The mask is made using simple sculpting techniques with newspaper, cardboard paper-mache wire, acrylic paint and mixed media.

pamela-pic-1Pamela Schuller is a seasoned Arts Educator, Community Artist and Mask Artist with 25+ years experience in mask work, theatre, dance and puppetry.  Founded the organization Masque in 1997 to explore personal and community development with schools, families, and other special interest groups through creative workshops in mask making, paper mache sculpture, hoop weaving, 3Dmural arts, and other mixed media installations.