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Silverpoint drawing

Instructor Roberto Rosenmansilverpoint1

Saturday (date TBA) from 10:30 to 2:30 pm

Fee: $90 for 4 hours (includes a silver pen)

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Although the history of  Silverpoint drawing goes as far back as the 12th century,  few people know much about Metalpoint, the general term for the medium that includes using silver, copper and gold as drawing instruments. Nevertheless, more and more artists are re-discovering this lost renaissance technique whose lustrous shimmer, exceptional delicacy of line, and permanence remains unsurpassed by other drawing media.
In this workshop, we will examine how to make metal-points in silver and how to prepare silverpoint-drawing surfaces using various grounds. Through both a master-copy and an original drawing, students will different technique (hatching, layering) to build up values. Attention will also be given to toning papers and incorporating white and coloured chalks.

Class Outcomes: By the end of this workshop students will:
1.   Know how to successfully prepare a silver-point stylus and drawing surface.
2    Complete a master-copy.
3.   Complete an original silver-point drawing on toned paper.

robertoBio: Roberto Rosenman was born in Venezuela and moved to Canada at an early age where he studied drawing and painting at The Ontario College of Art and Design and York University.

He switches between still life and portraiture,always incorporating strong symbolism and narrative in his work.
Roberto teaches drawing at George Brown College and exhibits regularly around Toronto.