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Sketching Architecture

Paris 2015, sketch 5

Paris 2015, sketch 5

A three hour workshop, going over architectural principals, to sketch buildings with confidence.
Atelier: Croquis d’architecture

Saturday, November 4th, 1-4 pm.

Fee: $45 (supplies included)

A three hour workshop, focusing on sketching urban spaces and building interiors in perspective. The class is for all levels, meant to expand your knowledge of foundational perspective sketching concepts.
Julie will help you simplify buildings in order to gain knowledge and understanding, and even draw in great detail. The workshop will cover capturing different points of views, simple to complex sketches of spaces, and move into light, shade, shadow of space as well as colour (pencil crayons and watercolours).

The workshop will cover technical aspects of developing your sketching abilities as well as developing atmospheric components of spaces and buildings.
After this workshop, we will meet at a later date to sketch in Toronto, in one of our cities’ beautiful settings!

Please email to register or call 416.200.7975

Julie Ourceau Bio:

portrait_ourceauJulie Ourceau received a Graduate Level National Diploma from l’Ecole d’Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine in France after having worked in Toronto with the architectural ?rm Robbie Young & Wright and graduating from Ryerson with Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Science. While in Paris, Julie worked in Paris and travelled throughout Europe studying relationships between music and architecture. These interests led her to the Faculty of Architecture at Laval University in Québec city, where she was part of the GRAP, fulfilling Ambiance Studies Research. While at Laval, Julie developed an initial enthusiasm and importance in teaching architecture studio. Other professional developments included working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with the Dutch architecture ?rm Royal Haskoning Vietnam, as designer and project manager on a wide range of projects ranging from impact studies and township developments to cultural and hospitality projects. Common characteristics and focal points in these projects were multicultural, sustainable, energy conscious and positive social as well as environmental impacts during and after their realization. Julie returned to Toronto in 2005, working as a designer on various projects in Toronto and its surroundings, and as a traditional musician.

Her teaching focus has been the design studio, including the communication and theory of architecture. Working in pencil, pen/ink, watercolour and charcoal, Julie has recently enjoyed drawing orthographic projections, specifically city plans and abstract interpretations of cities, their growth and dependence of water ways.