Top level only

Portraiture Curriculum

Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 9 pm (5 levels)

Instructor: Gary Smith
-Deposit of 100$ per course )(level) is require in advance
-Level 1 course is a prerequisite of Level 2. Level 3, 4 and 5 are open to all

Register with Gary at 416 910 5535 or click here
IMG_4677Level 1: Anatomy

Facial features, accuracy, shapes, shadows, edges and rendering. Lots of homework plus practice from DRAWINGS. 
September 19 to October 24
Fee: $360 for 6 weeks supplies included



Level 2: Draw like the masters
Many Masters did 3 colour Drawing. This practice will introduce minimal colour plus awareness of the use of temperature. Some homework plus lots of practice from drawings and PHOTOS.
October 31 to December 5
Fee: $360 for 6 weeks supplies included


Level 3 : Soft Pastel: Creatively catching the feeling of the model
Creativity in Portraiture using soft pastels. Practice from a live model or two or three every class. 
January 23 to March 6
Fee: $420 for 7 weeks plus 70$ for models fees, pastel included
Note: you must supply your own pastels. Quality pastels are recommended


14 Gary portrait class (2) Level 4 :  Sensitivity to VALUE ~ GRISAILLE in Oils
In this intro to the classical approach to oil painting each student will work on one grisaille portrait, rendering the value one for the entire session from a photo they email me a week in advance for the entire session from a photo they bring. 
March 20 to April 24
Fee: $440 for 6 weeks Paint, tools, photo enlargement and canvas preparation included

Level 5 :  Colouring Your Portraits
Question #1 in every beginner’s painting class is, “How do you colour flesh?” Well you will learn in this class
Learn and practise the colouring of portraits using different oil painting techniques such as glazing and stumbling and wet-in-wet. We will use oils again but this time in full colour.  There will be videos shown plus demos.
May 15 to June 19 (no class May 8 & 29)
Fee: $340 for 5 weeks, includes one 10″ x 12 ” photo of your grisaille transferred to unstretched canvas for practise. 
You will provide your own painting supplies, It is suggested you bring a canvas to draw and paint one face freehand from a photo. Treat this like a proof of what you have learned over the 5 courses. 

Your preparation: At least one week before the first class send to me by email a B&W photograph of a portrait or of your grisaille. I will get them printed on two canvases. This is called a Giclée.   Bring your own supplies (except easels) plus the reproduced B&W images on canvases.  The size is up to you. It could be 12” x 16” or larger.

In both levels 4 and 5 there will be long videos by different portrait artists.. I will put them on a DVD so you can watch most of them on your own time.

Bio: Gary Smith has a BA in Fine Art, Teacher Degree and Art Supervisor Certificate. An artist and art coach who is a graduate from The Faculty of Art, Guelph University and teaches Drawing and Painting at LucSculpture, does murals and portraits and exhibits frequently. His work is carried by Libby Gallery in Toronto and Gallery on the Bay in Hamilton. Gary also founded CLUB DRAW for Life Drawing on Sundays afternoon. Gary has done a few thousand portraits, beginning when he professionally drew portraits at Expo ’67 in Montreal for 14 hours a day, 7 days a weekHe also offers unique “Escape with Gary Art Workshop here in Canada and abroad.

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