QiGong Workshop: CFQ Level 1

Learn the Art of Self-Healing With Joe Hiscott


Chaoyi Fanhuan (Cosmic Freedom) Qigong (CFQ) is a system of practical self-healing methods to harness bio-energy flow, restoring  harmony in the mind and wellness in the body. In Level I Dynamic Qigong, you will learn a daily practice in the form of gentle, easy, soft movements designed to clear out dense energy blockages using the body’s meridian channels. These blockages are the source of pain and disease that need to be removed for healing to occur. CFQ training promotes the release of mental and emotional disharmony, shifting body, mind and spirit into a harmonious state of wellbeing.

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Joe Hiscott is a full-time Healing Artist living in the Gatineau Hills in Québec. As well as being a Certified Level 1 Instructor of CFQ, he facilitates Healing Ceremonies, Energy Medicine and a variety of modality-free hands-on healing. Joe’s work is
suitable for people of all cultures, religions, backgrounds, education or life experience.
For more information, visit his website www.tentshaker.com
If you are interested in a private healing session, please contact Joe at shaker@tentshaker.com

Joe Hiscott