Silkscreen Printing for Beginners

DSCN3708TBA on Saturday  from 1 to 5 pm

Maximum participants 6

Fee $100 + $12 supplies

Have you ever wanted to silkscreen your own designer t-shirts or fabrics? Here’s your chance to learn a way to do this at home!

Screen printing is one of the most versatile and easy printing methods – once you know how.

There are two different methods to silkscreen. This workshop will teach you how to silkscreen using your own stencils in one afternoon. 

Learning to silkscreen using the stencil method means you will have the freedom to print at home anytime you like. You can create your own new patterns over and over. 

(Please note the photo emulsion technique will not be a part of this workshop.)

-how to design a print
-mix colours for fabric printing
-print t-shirts, tea towels and repeating patterns
-where to buy your own equipment and supplies

-resource books, paper, and stencil supplies to create your design
-cutting equipment
-inks & silkscreen for the workshop
-a take home workbook with all the information you need to work at home

-1 sturdy canvas tote bag
-2 tea towels
-1 yard of fabric to make your own pillow or napkins

- a plain t-shirt or other personal items you want to print on

Christine Pensa
About the artist
After a successful career as a political assistant to both a federal and provincial cabinet minister in Canada – Christine was increasingly drawn to creative life. She took an art course and found her true passion was painting – not politics. Christine pursued studies in art and continues to find joy in painting and print making.Figurative work is central to her art. Christine’s visual pieces are a reflection of what is germane in her life and therefore revolve around the evolution of spirituality, the practice of yoga – and especially women and their diverse manifestations of beauty. Over the years il_570xN.330442906Christine added print-making to her work – creating and working with lino blocks, etchings, and silk screening allowed her to explore graphic images. I was drawn to print making because of it’s joyful graphic nature. Christine says, “Printing feels like shorthand. I love how it communicates clearly at our most primitive level.”Exploring the energy that occurs when images and words connect – art that moves – is one of Christine’s favourite ways to create.Over the last 10 years – Christine began to work on large scale art projects in the elementary school system. She feels blessed to have worked extensively with children and is thankful for these opportunities to help students enhance playgrounds and drab public school hallways with the energy and joy of their own creativity.