Dog Portraiture Workshop: Drawing & Painting

Workshop Part 1 (Drawing): Saturday, October 19th, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Workshop Part 2 (Painting): Saturday, October 19th, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Gary Smith
Fee: $65 + HST per workshop or $120 for both. (Part 1 workshop includes supplies. For part 2 workshop, please bring your own supplies)


Your dog deserves a portrait! By YOU!

In this workshop, you will create a very good drawing of your dog regardless of prior experience. The key is that you must select an email to the instructor, Gary Smith (, the best colour photo you can find for your reference. A good photo, in this case, means clear areas of light and shadow and the eyes in detail. If you do not have a photo ready in time then a selection of sample photos will be provided. You will still learn everything in the workshop and be able to draw your dog later when you have a photo you love.

As your guide, Gary will analyse the colours, choices for backgrounds and help you bring out your pet’s personality in the drawing. He will help you understand the form of a dog’s skull (and some variations by breed), and how to do features; eyes, nose, fur etc. so you can render them like a pro. You will also learn how to use the soft pastels, make a rough sketch, and make a competent portrait in general.

Gary will encourage you to capture the spirit of the dog and draw in a way that helps you do that.

Fee: $65 (all supplies are included)

WORKSHOP PART 2 ~ PAINT YOUR DOG in Medium of Your Choice
Instructor: Gary Smith
Fee: $65 + HST per workshop or $120 for both. (Part 1 workshop includes supplies. For part 2 workshop, please bring your own supplies)
Level: Intermediate to advanced level, for beginner, taking Part 1 is highly recommended before taking this class.

You will be working from your own photo on your own paper or canvas and must to email
the image and canvas size to

An international artist and art teacher, Gary Smith, will be the instructor and this session will focus on helping you create a great result that is appropriate for your dog’s personality, (which will include some colour theory as well as edges etc.) plus have a strong impact.

Of course, only Alla Prima techniques will apply because of the length of the workshop, however, after the workshop, you will walk away with an impressive portrait and you will likely learn a few professional tips that will enhance all your future paintings!

Please Note: Supplies NOT included in this workshop. Bring what you need. Please note if oils no turpentine allowed. Instead, a mix of oil ( best choice is WH Smith Walnut Oil with Alkyd) and odorless solvent.

Gary Smith Bio:

Gary Smith has a BA in Fine Art, Teacher Degree and Art Supervisor Certificate. An artist and art coach who is a graduate from The Faculty of Art, Guelph University and teaches Drawing and Painting at LucSculpture, does murals and portraits and exhibits frequently. Gary has done a few thousand portraits, beginning when he professionally drew portraits at Expo ’67 in Montreal for 14 hours a day, 7 days a weekHe also offers unique “Escape with Gary Art Workshop here in Canada and abroad.

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