Portrait Painting Workshop

Sunday, February 9th and March 8th 2020, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Stefan Galvanek
Date: Sunday, February 9th, March 8th 2020, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Price: $125 + HST (supplies not included) 

Learn to paint the portraiture! In tihs workshop, proportions, concept of forms and anatomical facts will be emphasized.  Demonstrations on how to plan a painting, block in the composition, observe light, atmosphere, mixing colours of flesh tones, in light and shadow. By mastering the technical aspects of oil or acrylic medium you will gain confidence and skill in allowing the figure to emerge with immediacy. Critical advice will be given on a one-to-one basis as the work progresses.


Upon completion of this workshop the students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. How to select and handle materials and tools
  2. Mixing and applying colors
  3. Improvement in mastering the painting technique
  4. Will gain ability to capture the model’s likeness and character
Stefan Galvanek Bio:

Stefan Galvanek studied sculpture at the School of Applied Art and Design in Europe where he worked in clay and stone. After moving to Toronto, he continued his education at Ontario College of Art.  After moving to Toronto, his work became more experimental in nature. In the early 1970s, his work distorted the body to anamorphic images, developing a sense of mobility. In the late 1970s, he started his “Suitcase” series, placing the human form into a defined space. In his most recent work, he is placing figures against the landscape with the figures absorbed in rituals, forming beliefs and giving thanks. Stefan’s work is on display in corporate and private collections in North America and Europe, Upper Gallery, Christin Gallery, State of the Art Gallery in Toronto and Donner Gallery in Europe. He is a member and past elected officer of the Ontario Society of Artists, founded in 1872 and the oldest art society in Upper Canada. Stefan teaches drawing, acrylic and oil painting at George Brown College. He is the founder of the Stefan Galvanek Fine Art School and Studio in Toronto, as well as a teacher at Canadore College in Parry Sound. He has participated in over 100 exhibitions. 

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