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Grace Chiu: Art Therapist

Grace Chiu, MA, Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist (DTATI)
Grace is a caring and non-judgmental Toronto Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist who uses the arts as a tool to give voice to our lives and spirits through self-expression and self-exploration. Grace can help you to understand yourself deeper through the process of art-making.
What Is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy is an expressive therapy and a proven method to increase self-esteem and social skills, to resolve emotional conflict, and to introduce visual and creative exercises into one’s life. Previous art experience is not required. You only need to want to explore and learn more about yourself in a safe environment with a professionally trained art therapist practitioner.
Who is Art Therapy for?
People of any age can benefit from Art Therapy
  • Children who are having difficulty understanding or communicating their situation
  • Adolescents who are experiencing confusion around sense of self
  • Adults who want a better understanding of conflicting thoughts and self-awareness
  • Elderly adults who are grieving or want to make sense of their past and gain a better appreciation for the present
Grace offers a free initial one hour session to experience Art Therapy first hand. Book an appointment by emailing or calling 647-281.1705.
Learn more at Grace’s website:
Grace will design your art therapy sessions according to your needs so that you will get insights to understand yourself better. Grace is available for appointments on Saturday at LucSculpture School & Studios. Grace’s services may be covered under some extended health benefit insurance plans.