Apr12: Realistic Collective Show

14-04-12 Realistic still life and portraiture

Realistic Artists showing:

Luc Bihan (Sculptures) Teaches Modeling the Figure

Roberto Rosenman Teaches Realistic Still life

Amir Masoud Oveissan Host of Sunday Figure Drawing

Vic Basdeo, Enzo Vincenzo Marino, Farnaz Sardari

Sosha Simone and Deion Green

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Mar29: Storytelling

White Raven and the Goddess:

Hugh Cotton tells the stories of Rhiannon and Branwen from the MabinogionWhite Raven portrait jan


Saturday, March 29th , 8-10 pm ~ For Adults and Youth   ~  $10

The Four Branches of the Mabinogion are a pinnacle of Celtic storytelling and a treasure of Welsh culture. Written down in the Middle Ages they come from a much older, pre-Christian time.  Like all great stories, they continue to resonate with us today.  They are at once mythic, epic and personal.

You are invited to a rare opportunity to hear these ancient tales told.  Accomplished storyteller Hugh Cotton will guide you through a world of magic, seduction and violence; a place where the boundary between our world and the Otherworld is fluid and permeable, and little is what it seems.

Meet Rhiannon who leaves the otherworld to win the human she loves.  Pryderi, a foundling who becomes prince.  Branwen, a princess who becomes a kitchen slave.  Bran, the giant-king whose severed head continues to be as fine company as ever it was when on his body.  Visit the Mound of Arberth, a doorway between worlds, and witness the power of the Cauldron of Rebirth.

Hugh Cotton has told stories in schools, markets, cafes, forests and festivals.  He has told to listeners of all ages and audiences from 500 to 1.  His repertoire spans the globe and he is especially drawn to European wondertales and, increasingly, Celtic myth.

Hugh tells – and makes his listeners feel – as if that story, in that place, with that audience, is the most important thing going on in the world for as long as he is telling.”  Bob Sherman  

 “ . . . a style not unlike that of a traditional bard of old.”   Deborah Dunleavy

“It was quite amazing  . . . More and more people were drawn to Hugh‘s voice and gathered outside (the Storytent) to listen. No one left till the story was over. Superb telling.”    Donna Dudinsky

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Mar29: Valerie Kent Watercolour Show


14-03-29 Valerie Kent Samplers invitewww.valeriekent.com


Facebook event: [link]


Watercolour for Beginners/Intermediate classes

On Monday morning from 10 am to 12 pm from March 24 to May 12

Iris open door valerie artwork bird photo 20 Colbourne St Thornhill. Plein air painting Daisies Dancing Floral


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