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Here are some messages we received!

  • I feel so blessed to continue at Luc Sculpture and the opportunity to watch it grow and expand beyond our imaginations. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and for bringing joy into my life. (Grace, Oct, 2018)
  • I have taken up glass mosaic and it gives me great joy. I remember, several years ago, I said to you that I should commit to something. You replied, “You should commit to your own happiness.”That meant so much to me. I honestly felt I was not entitled to do anything that made me happy! Aren’t artists supposed to suffer? But I am rejoicing in covering objects – guitars, violins, mirrors, tables and so on – in broken glass and found objects. It’s so wonderful. (Sara, September 2017)
  • My father introduced me to Luc Bihan in 2010 when I got back from Katimavik and my life forever changed for the better. Luc was the first person to hire me for a Life Drawing session and gave me a platform that eventually lead me to host my own art show “Free the Hart” in 2011. This space will always have a special place in my heart. (Serenity Hart, June 2017 on modeling)

  • We had an amazing time Luc… we are so blessed to have met you guys.., everyone that was there was awesome I felt like being home.  Jose said it was an amazing connection with everyone … thank you so much for a lovely evening full of sharing and connecting so deeply. (Evelyn Vanessa Morales, June 2017 on New Earth show
  • Just heard, Luc, that you are moving to British Columbia after finding someone to manage what’s happening that’s today centered near the NE corner of Greenwood and Danforth.  Excellent Franconian management — comparable, maybe superior to, best non-political supporter of Macron in La France!  Sincere congratulations. (Angus Cunningham, June 2017)
  • Thank you for making this place amazing. You have had such a positive impact on my Life and others in this community. It has been such a joy to have the opportunity to grow. As an artist and person. You are wonderful. Wish you and your family all the best. Can’t wait to celebrate BIG! (Lily, May 2017)
  • Votre rôle, à Yuri et à toi (Luc), est d’autant plus important parce que vous rassemblez sous un même toit, les forces créatives qui forgent ensemble l’image des temps dans lesquels nous vivons.  Une perception artistique fondamentale pour l’épanouissement de notre société. (Anne Sophie, décembre 2016)
  • The time at the studio helped me a lot in my personal growth as I learnt so much from you and Yuri, the energy upstairs is so good, thank you, Luc. (Aurora Filipescu, Artist/Teacher at LucSculpture, November 2016)
  • …This is why we like doing the birthday party with you. It is familiar and warm! (Mom Cindy Kwan, September 2016)
  • I feel grateful for your studio in my community. Thank you (Joanne LaRose, September 2016)
  • Nolan is looking forward to it. He attended a session at Lucsculpture with his grade 1 class on a fieldtrip this year and really enjoyed it and I also heard from a friend that her daughter loved the camp last year. (Rachel Devitt, June 2016)
  • Merci Beaucoup, Luc! I had great training with LucSculpture and Gary Smith. (Beverly Allen, on June 1, 2016)
  • I just wanted to let you know how much Félix and Sacha enjoyed their day with you. They have been playing the instruments that they made as well as the two that you gave them all week and weekend! Thank you so much again for opening the day for them. I’ve recommended your camp highly to the other parents at their school! (Nathalie Gagosz, on April 2016 for Une Journée pédagogique)
  • That and the fabulous atmosphere is why I wanted to work more at your school . (Lauren Renzetti, March 2016) Teaches abstract painting, colour theory and drawing exploration
  • Thank you for being so gracious.  I really appreciate it. You create a very welcoming vibe for us, indeed the whole house seems so very alive and welcoming.  What a magic place you have created with your love in this old magic house. We feel lucky to have found you. In the heart-dharma (Brent Mitton, January 2016)
  • Congrats! On entering your 10th year of service to the art community. Keep up the excellent work! (Mario Pariselli, January 2016)
  • Wishing all of you and your near and dear, a very Happy, Rewarding and Glorious New Year. May this be the harbinger of all good things in life with good health and happiness all the way. May this year also bring peace, prosperity and success, while giving us all the humility to share this with the less fortunate around us. And many thanks to the Universe for being so kind to us and also importantly, thank you for being in my life. Ameen. (Shahnaz Suteria, January 2016)
  • Felicitation depuis la Suisse pour vos 10 ans. Les temps passe et vous savez construire un lieu unique. Bien mes remerciement pour tous le temps avec vous. Bien des salutations a ta femme tes deux enfants grand et petit. Et a Gary specialement (Urs Josef Kehl, December 2015)
  • Dear Luc, What you have created with LucSculpture School and Studios is amazing and has greatly enhanced the whole area. The workshops taking place in your studio space have been enormously helpful to me. I just want to thank you and wish you great luck and all the necessary energy and inspiration to continue with the studio and with your delightful family. Happy Christmas and the best year ever in 2016. (Noreen Wood, December 2015)
  • Hi Luc! How are you?
    I’m gonna start an assistant of art studio for children from next week several times. It was the place where I went once a week when I was a little . And now I’m looking for the place which I can work with kids in English .. After I came back to Japan , I have thought what should I do ..and today I decided that I’m gonna be a teacher of art for children like you do. And also I’m gonna make the picture books for children as well:). I just wanted to declare these things for you because you are the teacher of life for me. Haha. When I drew something new, I’ll send them to show you. Nana (Volunteer, January 2015)
  • Thank you for organizing the show and the opening night. I don’t know how it compares to other openings you have put together but I thought there was a pretty good turnout for a cold January night. Your food trays and dips were yummy and how did you manage to get such delicious strawberries at this time of year. (Irene, January 2015)
  • Wow! Congratulation LucSculpture! You rock! Seriously, I really enjoy your community. (Adina, December 2014)
  • YOU truly ARE a LIVING INSPIRATION my dear brother!
    love (Darinka, December 2014)
  • I just want to take this moment and let you know that i miss you all and even though i don’t show it, you’re family is important to me. Ill come by soon! (Adriana, volunteer, February 2014)
  • Thanks for having the show and giving us an opportunity to show our work.  I love the space and community you have created! Thanks, Romona (Encaustic Show, April 2013)
  • “If it was not for Ann Marie sharing her love of her work with you and the space you are in, I would not have embarked on my own journey of unleashing my creativity and through your space and utter patience with me and in my constant comings and goings. You have allowed me to be and see and learn to listen within that has and is leading me to a greater awareness. I wanted to share this with you,… I can not begin to imagine what my birthday would look like if I could not hold it in your studio, I feel joy and light when I step into the studio where everything is possible. Warmly.” by Sheri Cohen (November, 2012)
  • “I really can’t thank you enough for the truly exceptional experiences you have given Aaron and Theo. They love every minute they spend at your studio—a testimony to your great generosity as an artist and a person. Thank you so much. And of course a huge thank you to Yuri!” (Lianne, September, 2012)