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Impressionist Painting

How to paint like Impressionists

Friday 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Instructor: Linda Woolven

Would you like to learn how to paint like Impressionists? Then join this painting class in Toronto. 

This innovative painting class will help each artist discover his or her own unique style of impressionistic painting. Students will learn to express impressions of a subject by capturing the essence and feeling of the subject matter using light, layers, and movement.
Linda has developed the emotive impressionism style of paintings whose often thick textures feature
moody, emotional landscapes, old buildings, and cities. Linda is an experienced teacher whose
workshops and classes are in high demand.

This class will teach you how to capture the way you see your subject and, with palette knife and brush,
express your impression through movement and light in a style of your own.
Whether you are a first-time painter or an experienced artist, this class will guide you to the discovery of
your own impressionistic style.

2018 – 2019 Schedule:

  • Fall 1 session: September 14 to October 26
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks
  • Fall 2 session: November 2 to December 14
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks
  • Winter session: January 18 to March 8, 2018
    Fee: $255 for 8 weeks
  • Spring session: March 22 to May 3 
    Fee: $195 for 6 weeks (No class on Easter April 19)
  • Summer session: May 10 to June 21
    Fee: $225 for 7 weeks

Linda will give you the list of materials for this class. Drop-ins are welcome. 

For registration, Contact Us at 416-461-7936 or


best painting classes TorontoAbout Linda Woolven: Linda is a local Toronto artist with a degree in Fine Arts who has spent much time amongst the trees, lakes, and rocks of Northern Ontario. Often utilizing thick textures that are suggestive of reality without being abstract or literal, her impressionistic oil paintings reveal her love for the land and for the character she finds in old buildings. Linda often uses the palette knife to create moody, emotional pieces that resonate with her audience. Her work is characterized by her great love of colour and texture and by the motion created by her unique stroke. Linda’s landscapes and cityscapes hang in galleries and private collections across North America. She is a sought-after artist for workshops and classes in schools and galleries.

You can view some of her works at: also Linda’s instagram: