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After School Art Programs

LucSculpture offers a variety of exciting after school art programs for children between 6 to 19 years old at our convenient location near Danforth, Toronto by Greenwood Station.

Our after school art programs are offered both Weekdays (4:00 pm to 5:30 pm) and

Saturday morning (10:00 am to 11:30 am & 12 noon to 1:30 pm)

-Fall  session 1: Week of September 12 to October 24 (no class on Thanksgiving Oct.10)
-Fall  session 2: Week of October 31 to December 23 
-Winter session: Week of January 16 to March 6 (no class on family day Feb.20, 2017)
-Spring session: Week of March 20 to May 1 (no class on Easter weekend Apr.14, 15 & 17 )
-Summer session: Week of May 8 to June 19 (no class on Victoria day May 22)

After School Art Programs

Pottery After School Class

After School on Mondays:

Pottery with Dianne Lee (Age: 6-13)
Painting / Mixed Media (Bilingual)  with Christine Tatilon (Age:6-10)

After School on Tuesdays:

Pottery & Sculpture (Bilingual)  with Luc Bihan (Age: 9-15)
Dessins/Drawings (Bilingualwith Martine Simard (6 to 12) starts Nov. 1!

After School on Wednesdays

Painting / Mixed Media (Bilingual)  with Christine Tatilon (Age:6-10)

After School on Thursdays:

Illustration/Cartooning with Kathryn Chelin (Age:8-12)
Crochet with ArtKind (Age:6-10)
Pottery with Lisa Young Chow (Age: 6-12)

After School on Fridays:

Sumi-E (Japanese Ink painting) with Hiroshi Yamamoto (age: 8 to 13)
Developing Art Portfolio with Kathryn Chelin (age:12 to 17)

Art Portfolio Private Review with Kathryn Chelin private review /$45 an hour

Saturday Mornings 10:00 am to 11:30 am:

10-11:30 am: Pottery with Aitak Sorahitalab  (Age: 6-13)
12-1:30 pm: Pottery with Aitak Sorahitalab (Age 6-13)

Contact Us to Register in advance as space are limited!

We also cover the  PA Day  of Oct. 7, Nov. 18, Dec. 2, 2016, Jan.20, Feb.17, and June 6, 2017, and sell as les journée pédagogiques du 28 oct., 18 nov., 20 jan., 3 fév., et 16 juin

Winter Art Camps Dec 26-30 and Jan. 3 to 6, March Break Art Camps 13-17 2017, Summer Art camps July4-Sept1 2017

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