Top level only

Mon/Thu: Pottery

Monday & Thursday: 4:00 to 5:30 (6 to 12 yrs)SC12 (30)

With Christine Tatilon (bilingual)

2018-2019 Schedule

Mondays, 4:00-5:30 pm:
  • Fall  session 1: September 10 to October 29 (off on Thanksgiving, Oct.8, also Luc will cover on Sept. 20th) – 7 weeks for $195
  • Fall  session 2: November 5 to December 17 (Luc will cover Nov 26th) – 7 weeks for $195
  • Winter session: January 14 to March 4 (off on Family Day, Feb.18) – 7 weeks for $195
  • Spring session: March 18 to April 29 (off on Easter weekend, Apr.20, 21, and 22) – 6 weeks for $170
  • Summer session: May 6 to June 17 (off on Victoria day, May 20) – 6 weeks for $170

Thursdays, 4:00-5:30 pm:
  • Fall  session 1: September 13 to November 1  – 8 weeks for $220
  • Fall  session 2: November 8 to December 20 (Luc will cover Nov. 22nd & Nov. 29th) – 7 weeks for $195
  • Winter session: January 17 to March 7 – 8 weeks for $220
  • Spring session: March 21 to May 2 – 7 weeks for $220
  • Summer session:  May 9 to June 20 – 7 weeks for $220

Our price includes clay, glazing and double firing.

Drop in / try out at 25$ cash a session

Space limited to 6 kids

Call 416-461-7936 or Click here for registration

Have a creative freedom at the introductory clay classes at LucSculpture. Learn how to build and decorate a mug, bowl or something from your imagination. Classes are open to students of all levels and include hand-building techniques, an introduction to the potter’s wheel, and surface decoration.

Christine Tatilon Bio:

Born in France, partly raised in Canada, Christine Tatilon moved from Marseille back to Toronto 10 years ago. After having worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer in France, she decided to give it a go at building a new life for my children and herself in Canada as a freelance illustrator-artist.

What I wanted to do by coming back to Toronto is to get on with what I love the most: CREATING! In past years, Christine has turned her interest towards design, working manly on surface design but also product design, making fabric and clay her focused medium. Her use of clay is mainly oriented towards prototyping objects that can later be made with diverse materials. Christine’s mission is to make art a part of your everyday, using useful objects as support to her art and brining a touch of whimsical to your life.

Née en France, en parti élevée au Canada, Christine Tatilon a fait ses études d’Arts Plastiques en France, à la Faculté d’Aix-en-Provence, au terme desquelles elle commence une carrière d’infographiste qui durera plus de 15 ans.

Maintenant établie à Toronto avec ses enfants, Christine poursuit sa carrière d’artiste/illustratrice et a agrandi, au fil des dix dernières années, son horizon artistique en consacrant une bonne partie de son temps au monde du design. Elle travaille surtout avec les textiles et l’argile pour créer des objets usuels qui ont pour but de véhiculer l’Art dans l’environnement quotidien en y mettant une touche de gaîté. L’objet usuel devient support de son art.

Christine Tatilon Website