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Clay Musical Instruments


Naomi Benoist: I love this DUCK!! It’s the first time I played an Udu! Plus.. duck is one of my medicine animals. I melted into this instrument and fell in love with the sound. The deep earth tone vibrated through out my being and left me with a sweet peaceful heart! I can’t wait to hear a recording of this baby. You know I would take this Ducky home with me if you would let me.

Clay Musical Instruments

Instructor: Luc Bihan

Including clay, firing(s), patina or glaze

Private session at $45 an hour (until the end of October 2017)

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Using  the coiling technique (or moulds) to make a hand-built drum or a musical instrument with a beautiful sound!  This class is for all ages, no previous skill is necessary!

A wonderful opportunity to make your very own Udu drum. The drum is a clay vessel that produces a unique bass sound that was traditionally played by African women in ceremony. To make and play your  Udu drum is a powerful experience and its’ special frequency is known to activate the Law of Attraction and promote healing and well-being.

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Luc has found a new love: Clay musical instruments. You are invited to explore clay idiophones with him the beautiful healing vibrations on earth air, fire and water.

12 Udu tall 3 holes Luc eLuc has now eight “Udu” drums, one sink drum and made a Xylophone (sold) and Didjeridu (sold)….

Then you can join us for our Improvisational Jam Drumming

La vibration des sons des instruments de musique en argile n’a pas d’égale. C’est un mélange de terre, d’air, de feu et d’eau qui vous fera vibrer sur une fréquence aussi rare que bienfaisante. Récemment, Luc s’y est récemment passionné et vous invite à le rejoindre dans ses découvertes et ses expérimentations!

Nous utiliserons des moules ou la technique du colombin pour créer un instrument de musique unique et personnalisé. Ce cours est accessible à tous ages et ne demande aucune expérience préalable. Reste à nous rejoindre pour un cercle de tambour
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