Top level only

Tue-pm: Pottery on the wheels

For all Levels
Instructor: Aitak Sorahitalab

Tuesday 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

This class offers step-by-step guidance for beginner and intermediate students interested in learning pottery wheel (throwing) techniques. You will learn to make functional pottery including cups, bowls, vases and plates etc.  A variety of decorative and  glazing options are available at this conveniently located Danforth, Toronto

2018-2019 Schedules:

Pottery Class Toronto

Fall Session 1:

September 18 to October 23

Fall Session 2: 

October 30 to December 4
Winter Session:
January 29 to March 5 
Spring Session: 
March 19 to April 23 
Summer Session: 

April 30 to June 4 

Fee: $320 for 6 weeks + HST

Our price includes clay, double firing, and glazing fee!

Classes is limited to 6 participants (one per wheel)

Call 416-461-7936 or Click here for registration (recommended)

Bio: Growing up with music, literature, visual art, science and a love of learning led Aitak to a Master’s Degree in Design and Production from the Art University of Tehran. She is a published writer about art education and philosophy of art. Aitak has received public and private commissions for creating ceramic art and bas-relief (mural) and has different shows and exhibitions of her work. She attempted to combine the modern principle of arts with motives and elements, and gradually alter them in new exposes in her art practice. Aitak is passionate about social development, sharing knowledge and instructing art.

Her website: