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3hrs Introductory on the Wheel

One Day Pottery Workshop in Toronto with a LucSculpture pottery instructor

Introductory session on the pottery wheel: demonstration and hand in the mud…one day pottery workshop Toronto

Suggested time for booking
Friday: 6 to 9 pm
Saturday: 1 to 4 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 1 pm or 2 to 5 pm
Weekdays can be a possiblily as well…

Learn the steps needed to make functional pottery like mugs, bowls, and vases on the pottery wheel. This three hour session is great for couples, friends and perfect for beginners. During the first two hours you sit at the wheel creating with the guidance of a teacher. In the last hour we will clean up our pieces, learn how to add handles for mugs, use under-glaze and any other details necessary to finish your pieces. You will return in a couple weeks to glaze. Your pieces get fired once more before you pick them up. Please email to inquire about openings. 
Fee for 3 hours on the wheels:
For a solo class $135 + hst
$100 per person + hst for a party of two
$90/person + hst for a party of  three
$85/person + hst for a party of  four
$80/person + hst for a party of five
$80/person + hst for a party of six
 $65/person + hst for a partyof more (sharing the wheels)
We can do the glazing & double firing for you at $5 per pieces
Our rates includes:
a pottery teacher, demonstrations, 10 kg of clay, and the firing of 3 pottery per attendees (5$ per extra pottery)!
Glazing available 3 weeks later at 30$ per person for 3 mugs sizes (5$ per extra pottery)
Call 416-461-7936 or Click here for reservation