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Improvisational Drum Jam


Djai Kasé, lead drummer

Every 3rd Friday of the month

Dec.15, Jan.19, Feb.16, Mar.16,…

Jam improve drumming is from 7:00 to 11:00 pm

Bring your own instruments or drum and let’s swing in rhythm!

5$ donation, Thanks!

at LucSculpture Gallery343941_drum_hand_blur
We do have an African (Gabon) fair!

Drum Jam’s vision is to bring individuals together in the spirit of improvisational drumming. Bring your own hand drums or anything of rhythmical aptitude. Beginners and seasoned musicians alike are welcome! There is no particular forum or modality for our drum circles. Don’t forget your passion for a creative experience!

Since at least 8000 B.C., civilization has left evidence of communing through rhythm. Trance was almost always achieved through the use of live improvised rhythm.

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