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Wild Wombin Wellness

MaRe’SAh: Holistic Wellness Practitioner                

What To Expect?: Learn to live in conscious awareness of your thoughts, beliefs and actions so that you may avoid the painful habits of the Mind. Harness the power of the Womb so that you can utilize your natural ability to Create the life you desire.  Embrace the compassion of the Heart to generate greater Love and self-expression. MaRe’SAh invites you on a journey of self-exploration that will take you from self-doubt to self-love so that you can flow to freedom. True healing occurs only when we nurture all aspects of the Self in balance. Receive practical guidance that will help empower you to be able to tackle your total wellness goals.

Services: Private Sessions are customized to suit your personal needs and may include some of the following:

Nutritional Counselling
Crystal Contrast Massage
Aromatherapy & Herbal Remedies
Sound Therapy

Thought Pattern Awareness™
Lifestyle Coaching
Name Deciphering

Oracle Cards
Maya Astrology
Guided Meditations
Womb Healing Rite
Rainbow Body Balancing using crystal Chromotherapy (colour & light)

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Bio: MaRe’SAh is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (Holistic Nutritionist) and Certified Hot Stone Therapist with training and certification in Holistic Counselling and Wellness Coaching. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient she receives intuitive and channeled messages beneficial to her clients’ needs.