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LucSculpture Artists-Teachers:

Luc Bihan
, owner, guide and clay sculptor (Fr)

Teaches: Clay sculpture from A to Z (Tue. 6-9pm), Kids Birthday party, Kids art camps, PA Days, Journées pédagogiques, & Homeschoolers, Kids pottery on Tue. & Wed. (4-5:30pm), Saturday kids pottery (10-11:30am).
Luc has studies at San Francisco Art Institute and has 35 years of experience in clay sculpture. He focuses guiding you to connect to your own creativity, and become free of any judgement.


Yuri Murakami, Naturopath, life and business partner

Yuri helps you to move through your life with joy. She offers Naturopathic Medicine and CEASE Therapy.




hbtl9rbq-1Dianne Lee, ceramic artist

Teaches: Adult Pottery Class (Mon. & Sun. 6-9pm) 
Dianne studied ceramics at the OCAD and in England. Her pottery embodies elements of playful exploration, functionality and surprise.



Aitak Sorahitalah, Ceramist

Teaches: Pottery for adults (Monday 10am-1pm and Tue, 12-3pm)
Aitak has a Master’s Degree in Design and Production from the Art University of Tehran. She is a published writer about art education and philosophy of art. Aitak has received public and private commissions for creating ceramic art and bas-relief (mural) and has different shows and exhibitions of her work


florianjoeFlorian Jacot, sculptor (Fr)

Teaches: Realistic Figure Sculpture and Realistic portraiture (Thur. 6:30-9:30pm)
Florian is a sculptor and visual artist who works in traditional and digital media. Florian has worked on various commissions in Fine Arts and freelance projects in the Animation industry. Next to instructing at LucSculpture, he also teaches at Toronto School of Art, Centennial College and Sheridan College.



Andrew Benyei, Sculptor

Teaches: Figure Sculpture: Gesture (Wed. 6:30-9:30pm)
Andrew is a graduate of OCAD and has been a successful full time sculptor and painter for over 25 years. He has taught sculpture at Haliburton School of Art and the Mississauga Sculpture Studio.


photoweb-christinetatilon-300x279Christine Tatilon, illustrator and graphic designer (Fr)

TeachesKids Pottery (Mon & Thu.. 4:00-5:30pm)
Kids Painting & Mixed Media (Mon. Wed. 4:00-5:30pm )
Christine studied both in France and Toronto. She has done illustration for educational publishing and children’s books both in France and Canada


lifedrawingnewKathryn Chelin, painter and sculptor

Teaches: Drawing for Terrified Beginners (Tues. 10-12pm or Thurs. 6:30-9pm), Kids Illustration & Cartooning (Thurs. 4-5:30pm), and Art Portfolio Review (Fri. 4-5:30pm)
Kathryn has taught enriched classes at Unionville High School, the designated School for the Arts in York Region for the past 25 years. With a wealth of experience in teaching, she encourage you to regain the freedom in drawing.


downloadGary Smith, painter and portrait artist

Teaches: Portrait Curriculum (Tues. 6:30-9:30pm) and Soft Pastel Workshop (in Jan.)
Gary holds BA in Fine Art, Teacher Degree and Art Supervisor Certificate. He inspires all level of artists with a new learning materials in his classes.


Irene Rencsi, Painter

Teaches: Painting for beginners & Intermediate (Mon. 12:30-3pm) & Portrait: back to basic (Tue. 1-4pm)
Lisa studied and graduated from OCAD, specializing in printmaking and ceramics. She then opened one of the first ceramic arts studios on Danforth’s east end. Here she taught clay classes, both hand building and wheel throwing to adults and children.


stefangalvanekStefan Galvanec, painter

Teaches: Landscape & Cityscape Painting (Tues. 1-4pm)
Stefan has trained in Europe and Canada, and has been teaches for the past 30 years at George Brown College. Stefan will help you mastering the painting techniques and mediums and you will gain confidence in your work.


laurenmckinleyrenzetti-290Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Mixed Media Artist

Teaches: Abstract Painting (Wed.9:30am-12pm), Drawing Exploration (Wed. 12:30-3:00pm), and Colour Theory Workshop (Nov., Feb. & May)
Lauren studied McMaster University and teaches at the AGO and Art For Cancer.  Lauren shows her work widely and takes part in many group and solo shows in Southern Ontario, Brooklyn and Bulgaria


andrew_sookrah_-jpgAndrew Sookrah, painter

Teaches:  Learn to Draw and Paint Figures (Wed. 6:30-9:30pm), Passion of the figure WS (Fri, & Sat. in Dec.)
Andrew is a Toronto based multi-discipline, multi-media artist with a second life in advertising and design. He is an active member of the Ontario Society of Artists, Society of Canadian Artists, Portrait Society of Canada, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.


hy4sHiroshi Yamamoto, painter

Teaches: Sumi-E (Japanese Ink Painting) (Fri. 10:00-noon) and Kids Sumi-E (Fri. 4:00-5:30pm)
Hiroshi studied Japanese Traditional Art and Art History at the Kyoto Industrial Design Institute Japan and the Kyoto Japanese Art School. Hiroshi has held more than 20 exhibition in Canada, USA as well as in Japan.


Natalie Schiabel, Painter

Teaches: Intro, to Abstraction (Thurs. 6:30-9:30pm)
Natalie studied Architectural Design and Visual Arts at the University of Toronto and is currently completing a Masters of Landscape Architecture. She is passionate about guiding others to discover their own creative spirits and giving them the opportunity to express themselves.


portraitpensaChristine Pensa, visual artist

Teaches: Explore the visual language of your Soul (Thurs. 9:30-11:30am)
Christine took an art course and remembered her true passion was creating. Christine says, “I hadn’t realized I was creatively starving. Now creating is so fundamental to my well being – I can’t imagine a day without it.”

Afsaneh Vollmer, Painter

Teaches: Primitive Art (Sat. 10-12pm) & Fibre art (Thurs. 12:30-3:30pm)
Afsaneh studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts-Sion, Switzerland, at Middlesex County College, New Jersey and the New York Studio School. She has a  degree in Textile and Surface Design from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC, and a Master of Woven Design from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. 


Sharlena Wood, Painter

Teaches: Mixed media Open Studio (Wed,9:30-11:30am) & Acrylic & Mixed Media WS (Nov., Mar. & May)
Sharlena joy for sharing knowledge combined with her cheerful and upbeat attitude inspires fearless exploration and creation – the perfect recipe for building confidence, discovering unique gifts and ultimate creative potential. 


lRoberto Rosenman, painter and musician

Teaches: Colour mixing & brush handling WS (Dec), Classic Realism (TBA ), 
Roberto studied drawing and painting at OCAD and York University. He focuses both on realistic still life and classical portraiture, always incorporating strong symbolism and narrative in his work. Roberto teaches drawing at George Brown College and exhibits regularly around Toronto.

martineheadshotMartine Simard, painter (Fr)

Teaches: Aquarelle/Watercolour (Private class)
Martine studied in music, and had an active, passionate musical life. Drawing was always present, but spontaneous and innocent. The discovery of Watercolour was the inception of a new artistic passion.


143428_portrait_shouldve_combed_my_hairVictoria Wallace, painter

Teaches:  Encaustic Painting (Sat. sept. 17th. 10am-4pm) & Open Painting Studio Sun. 12:30-3:30pm)
Victoria Wallace is a multi-media artist working, exhibiting and conducting workshops in acrylic, encaustic, watercolour and sculptural media. Her extensive commissions include work for television, film, theatre, restaurants, businesses and private collections across Canada and internationally.


9b4817_f253615f4e7649d7ac2e1f8fb2ac6b2f-1Julie Ourceau, Architecture designer and musician (Fr)

Teaches: Sketching Architecture WS (Nov.)and Architecture portfolio review WS (Jan.)
Julie Ourceau received a Graduate Level National Diploma from l’Ecole d’Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine in France after having worked in Toronto with the architectural  Robbie Young & Wright and graduating from Ryerson with Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Science.


jerry-smiling-by-chantelJerry Silverberg, printmaker and storyteller

Teaches: Print Making Workshop: Linocut WS (Oct. & May)
Jerry has been producing art works for over 30 years. His illustrative work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Walrus Magazine, the Toronto Star and New York Times. As a teacher, his approach is hands on, thorough, inclusive, and fun with a strong emphasis on the sense of discovery and play.



Tony Sladden, Framer and photographer

Teaches: Framing WS (Dec. & June)
Tony loves photography and in the process had the opportunity to learn about picture framing. In 1995, Tony opened his own photography and framing gallery in the east end of the city of Toronto until 2003