Landscape Painting Workshop: Master the Composition

Sunday, Apr. 26th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Valerie Kent
Level: Beginners and Intermediate

The landscape is a favourite subject of many painters. Over the years, the masters have learned there are geometrical formulas in landscape composition that can be applied to improve the impression of the painting. In this workshop, you will work with two types of composition, L-shaped and S-shaped, to create spring landscape and summer landscape paintings in acrylic medium. You will receive some handouts on the types of composition and special attention will be made to the centre of interest (focal area) in painting.

Additionally, in this workshop, you will learn a great deal on acrylic medium and many of the add-ons such as gels and pastes. Acrylic medium is desired for landscape painting because it allows another layer to be added easily,  it has superb colour, and it can be manipulated to be like watercolour, or much like oil paint.

Fee: $130 + HST (all materials are included, and you will paint 2 of 16″ x 20″ paintings)

Valerie Kent Bio:

Valerie Kent, BFA, BEd, MFA has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, China.  She is the Director and owner of Cavan Art Academy & Gallery in Cavan, ON.  She enjoys her annual initiative.