Express with Colours

Tuesday, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Instructor: Natalie Schiabel
Fee: $305 + HST for 7 weeks (includes all materials)

Join this abstract painting class and create beautiful paintings!

Using the subject of landscape, the students will learn to create abstract compositions, create beautiful colour palettes and learn to use texture along with other tools and techniques to create beautiful paintings. The first half of the classes (weeks 1-3) will focus on learning and practicing specific tools and techniques which will be used towards making beautiful abstract landscape paintings. Weeks 4-7 will focus on creating works of art from concept to completion.  By the end of the week 7, students will feel comfortable creating stunning works of art on their own from start to finish. This course will focus mainly on acrylic painting techniques.

2019 - 2020 Schedules & Price for Tuesday Painting Course

Note: All materials are included in the course fee. Classes are limited to 10 people.

Natalie Schiabel Bio:

Natalie Schiabel is a Toronto based artist specializing in abstract painting. She studied Architectural Design and Visual Arts at the University of Toronto and recently completed a Master of Landscape Architecture. She is highly inspired by the natural world and the forms and colours found in nature. Abstract art allows her to capture and immortalize the fleeting grand gestures of nature she wishes could last forever. She is passionate about art and design, and creating works that uplift those who come in contact with it.  

She teaches workshops and classes around the city, leading artists and non artists of all levels through the process of abstraction as well as an introduction to the creative process, providing space and support for those new to expressing themselves through art. She cares deeply about helping others find their artistic voice and supporting them along their journey to believing that they too are artists in their own way.

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