Let's Start Watercolour!

Watercolour Class for the Beginners!

Wednesday afternoon, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Instructor: Ghazaleh Naderian

Are you afraid of using watercolour because it just looks so difficult? Do you feel frustrated with this medium because it is hard to control?

If you can give a little chance and explore this wonderful medium, this is a great course for you, as this course has the most valuable information that you need to start watercolour!

You will start the very beginning such as learning how watercolour paints work with the water and so how to use them effectively. By working on different subjects, you will also easily understand the basics of color mixing in watercolour, how to create light and shadow, how to do certain techniques such as dry brushing and masking fluid, and how layers of washes of the same color can create shape and shading.

Each week, you will gain confidence and strategic with the watercolor painting process. Come and enjoy the magic of watercolour dance on the paper and discover this unique and creative medium together.

Materials: The materials for the first class is included, and the instructor will give a recommendation if you do not have any watercolour set.

2019 - 2020 Schedules & Price for Wednesday Watercolour Course

Ghazaleh Naderian Bio:

Ghazaleh is a visual artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. She is a creative, talented and dedicated artist with an eye for detail and a passion for creating exclusive and authentic artwork. She has more than fifteen years of experience study and practice art in Iran and Canada. Her extensive background is in painting including oil colour, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, black sketch, colour pencil and pastel. She is an expert at Realism and Impression styles.

Her paintings give you warmth, affection and energy. Her experience in miniature painting gave her keen attention to details in all of her artworks.

She is honoured to be a student of several great masters in painting in Iran and Canada. She has participated in numerous art painting exhibitions since 2004. She has been receiving commissions for creating paintings and she has been selling her paintings in galleries since 2016 in Toronto.

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