School Field Trip @ LucSculpture

LucScupture School and Studios is an official TDSB field trip destination since February 2008

What we offer:
LucSculpture offers clay workshops and a variety of art projects with a wide palette of materials and creative approaches. Bring your class for our signature clay workshop or we can help design an inter-curricular program to create a unique learning experience for the class. See the activity list below for some examples.  In addition, we can come to your school to have workshops in your classroom! Most of the classes are available in both English and French.

Mini Artistes Seriese @ LucSculpture (TFO)

Price List:

We can accommodate groups up to 30 students. Choose the dates and times that suit your schedule and we will let you know about availability!
We can also come to your school with additional $3 per student + taxes.

– Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts (please note that for the firing process to the completion, it takes 2 weeks)
– Your favourite animal on your mug
– Fantasy creatures: Fairies, Dragons, Angels, etc
– History project: Medieval castle
– History project: Igloo, Teepee, and clay house
– History project: Aboriginal Masks
– Clay musical instrument: Shaker, Udu drum (may require more than one session)
– Bas-relief seasonal landscape
– figurative and portrait sculpture

– Sumi-E (Japanese Brush painting) 
– Earth Day: Create a collage of Mother Nature 
– Inspired mixed-media project from well-known artist’s
– Creating Characters and one-panel cartoon 
– Card Making with Watercolour & Calligraphy
– Figure Drawing 
– Mindfulness Based Theatre & Play
– Drumming and Music 

Classes can be modified to fit a specific curriculum or theme and are the perfect creative addition for any school subject.  Speak to us to design a workshop to fit your needs.

Field Trip FAQ

The most common days are on Thursdays mornings (between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm)  or Friday afternoons (between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm), however depending on the size off the classes, we can accomodate the date and the week that fits your class schedule.

All artworks will be fired and will be ready 2-3 weeks after the party. Please note we will keep the clay work up to 3 months, so please do not forget to pick them up!

Yes. If the class number is more than 20, it is great to have a few helpful hands assisting the studnets especially the class with younger children.

Due to the availability of the space, we suggest you to book the field trip in advance (at least 2-4 weeks before the field trip is highly recmmended). You can contact us by email or phone, and we will check the availability for you. Once we set the date and time and send the invoice to the school. The fee will be due on the day of the field trip.

Two key philosophies of LucSculpture School and Studios:

  1. Personal Creativity: We encourage students to develop and express their personal creativity.
  2. Environmentally Conscious: We use natural and non-toxic materials for our creations and environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the building.
    Read more on our philosophy >> LucSculpture Philosophy
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