Acrylic Pour Painting Workshops

Sunday, July 28th and August 25, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Valerie Kent

Come to join this acrylic pour painting workshop in Toronto and have the very best time and results. Even if you have already done pours you will be surprised and delighted by what you learn in this pouring workshop. There are so many ways to pour paint.Your mission is to learn the essential techniques and to use all the amazing products available to create them!

In this workshop, you will do puddle pours, blowing and heating techniques, dirty pours, dish soap pours, flip cup techniques, bottle techniques, swipe cup and spatula pours, ring pours, colander pours, multi-cup pours, spin techniques all on smaller canvases. You will paint approximately 5 for the workshop.

Your knowledge of the materials and your skill level will increase substantially.  There is a really good reason why this is the most popular form of art-making right now. Your instructor will provide all of the paints, you just need to bring your own canvases (see below).

You will go home with SO much new information about Acrylic Pours Technique from this workshop! 

Fee: $180 (all supplies are included) 

Valerie Kent Bio:

Valerie Kent, BFA, BEd, MFA has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, China.  She is the Director and owner of Cavan Art Academy & Gallery in Cavan, ON.  She enjoys her annual initiative.