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Oct27: a Quiet storm Show

Solo Show by Marine painter Edward Baranosky

Opening Friday October 27 from 6 to 9 pm

Showing from October 24 to November 12

Ed Baranosky (RISD 1969, BFA Ptg)
the new painting
brings to an empty space
a little heart–
and in accidentally occurring
brush strokes, quenchless

variations in blue
Ed Baranosky (RISD 1969, BFA Ptg)
variations in blue
in all its infinite expressions–
a vast and empty sea
Borrowed for the large canvas
painted memory of moonlight

an infinity of blues
Ed Baranosky (RISD 1969, BFA Ptg)
it calls to your brush to lift
the riptide, undertow of breakers
from an infinity of blues–
a taxi radio stalking early fares:
Good morning heartache…