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Frozen Feelings

On Saturday June 2, 2018 from 2 to 4:30 pm

Sorrow by Luc Bihan

Fee $40/person (includes instructions, clay, firing and taxes)

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Addictiveness and unhealthy dependence are often attempts to ignore a frozen mass inside ourselves. The workshop will help locate the trapped feelings inside us and allow to melt the freezing from our soul.

Some dramatic events exist in our memory, but we block the associated feelings: the emotions are there, but they are stuck behind our ability to see the past with clarity. By working with clay we address our stuck grief and face our “shadow”. During that interactive hands on workshop we start to understand our feelings – as we create individual clay sculptures we find out who we really are.

Agata MJ has written a silent play “Light of Stone”, which depicts the journey of developing unhealthy survival traits, acting out and then recovery – she will give a short introduction on how the parts of ourselves become forgotten. Then Luc will lead the group through the path of expressing the frozen feelings in clay – each participant will be able to create an artistic representation of his or her forgotten part to take home (after the piece is fired)